Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chat Tools

Chat Tools

Chat can be a useful in a variety of ways for langauge learners. It can allow them practice their writing skills and overcome the affective filters that can be part of using their L2 to interact with others. There no formal assignment for this Training page, but feel free to blog about any of the tools you try.

Chatbots are automated chat tools that can be pre-programmed say certain things or  interact with users.
Text to speech chatbots allow you to create a speaking character (or  avatar)

Press the play button to right to listen to a Voki Text to Speech Chatbot.  >>>>>

Interactive Chatbots can be programmed to respond to users.
This may be easier to understand by trying it rather than explaining it.
You can chat with Albert Einstein here

These are some of the places that EFL learners can go to engage in real time text chat.
There are also many sites that allow you to create your own free chat room
There are also a number or sites that facilate Voice Chat Discussions

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