Sunday, March 29, 2020

Learning Management Systems / Screencasting

Learning Management Systems

   Presentation Guide: Intro to Google Classrom / 4...........!
  Demo Course TILL:  ofl6bwd


Monday, March 23, 2020

TTP2020 - Week#4

A few goodies from the buffet in case anyone is hungry....

Some Covid-19 Videos
ER Resources
\From the TILL Website Mega-buffet

From Site Building Tools

Padlet- easy group posting tool  Screencast Guide hereSimilar tools listed here  

Photo Manipulation Tools    Screencast Guide Here

TD#1 Food for Thought

From the TTP Kitchen

    Sunday, March 15, 2020

    TILL 2020 - Week#3 Buffet Items

    A few new sites/tools to play with this week...

      Optional Tasks:  

    • Post a link and/or screenshot of your favorite WaybackMachine site
    • Create and share a LyricsTraining Exercises
    • Create a Word Cloud and post it on your blog. - Add new words to your Quizlet set - Revisit Week#1 and Week#2 tasks
    • Visit to check out new posts from your classmates and others.
    • Make sure your ER Log is up to date
    • Add any words or phrases you've learned recently in your Quizlet.
    • Online Learning Padlets:  Elementary   Secondary

      Sunday, March 8, 2020

      TTP2020 TILL Week#2

      Buffet Items & To Do Tasks
      Below are some of the TILL tools we will be using and/or learning about this week. After  they are introduced during Hour#1, choose the tools you're most interested in and explore.
      The week's goal:  Complete at least 3 tasks.

      Google  Forms
      Google Forms Guide and Links

      Task:  Create a Google Form Quiz or Survey and post it on your blog.

      Task:  Create a Kahoot and post a link on your blog.

      Quizizz  (advantages vs. Kahoot)
      Resources & Tutorials

      To register and create quizzes, go to
      To Play, go to  and enter the access code

      Task:  Create a Quizizz Quiz and post a link on your blog. 


      - Make sure you TTP Quizlet is called something like
      'Your Name- TTP2020 Vocabulary'.
      - Add words so that you have at least 10 words in your set. 
      -  Embed your set in a blogger post (like this). 
      - See how fast you can complete an Overseas Set Match Game

      Blogger Tips & Tweaks
      Theme Selection
      Photo Options    (check

      Compose vs. HTML

      Ted Talks  (Let's Reinvent Education)
      Slideshare  (What they don't tell you about teaching)
      Google Presentation

      Tasks:  - Change your Blogger Template to something 'Simple', 'Awesome', 'Watermar', or 'Picture Window'.
      - Embed your Quizlet Flashcard set on your blog.

      Nearpod (Interactive Presentation Tool)

      |Task:  Create a Nearpod and post a link on your Blog.

      Feed Us!  with  Feedly

      A useful tool for sipping from the firehose - of TTP blogs and LOTS more!

      Feedly Guide