Monday, May 16, 2016

CALL Task Teams

For the next few weeks, we will work together to produce CALL-related materials for use in your teaching. In groups, discuss what type of materials would be most useful. Make a list of specific materials you’d like to produce.  Post that list on your blog and start creating!

Possible Creations

  • YouTube Playlists  (e.g. Class Starter Videos, Culture,  Language Learning, etc. )
  • Create Padlets/Word Clouds Powtoons, Kahoots, Vokis, Storyboards, Mindmaps, graphic organizers for specific parts of your textbook or teaching.

  • Create Quizlets and/or Memrises for specific vocabulary sets
  • Find study materials from the Activity Guide for grammar topics your cover.

  • Create Screencasts (CALL tutorials or student tasks)

  • Use Google Forms to create Week#1 Questionnaire or other survey.

  • Class a  Blog Template for your class website.
  • Curate a set of feeds for your own learning or professional development (or your students).
  • Create 'Flipped Classroom' materials you can use.
  • Anything else using to what we’ve covered in class or other CALL tools

Shared Resources

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week#11 - Social Networking & Another Lap Around the Buffet

Social Networking

Take a look at the Social Networking Guide and watch the Social Networking Screencast.

Explore some of the ELT groups and communities on Google+, Facebook, Diigo, LinkedIn, and elsewhere .

Join ones of interest, bookmark them with Diigo, and/or create a blog post about any interesting discoveries.

If you're feeling ambitions, join twitter, find some people to follow and send out your first tweet.

...and a few more Odds & Ends

We will soon start focusing on applying CALL tools and resources to your teaching situations. Before tackling those challenges, let's take another look at what we've 'tasted' on the buffet so far. Take the next few hours to attempt tasks that interest you, keeping in mind how you might apply these to your teaching.

Things to Do

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week#10 - Presentations, Graphic Organizers, & Mindmaps

Graphic Organizers,  Mindmaps, 

Take a look at the guides for Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps.

Try to create a simple mindmap or graphic organizer and post it on your blog.


Take a look at the Presentation Guide.

Things to Do/Try

Hour#2 Site building Tools

  • Padlets
  • Tag Clouds
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Sources
  • QR Codes

Hour#3 Personality Tests and Cyber-fortunetelling
Fun Sites from the Website Buffet  (personality tests)