Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Let's 'Hangout'  
Plug in your headset.
Click on the little +YourName at the very upper left of your gmail window.

Getting started with Google+ here
If you see 'Jeffrey Lebow is hanging out", click 'Join this Hangout'.
Hang out.  Smile when Jeff takes the Class Hangout Screenshot Picture.

(Hangout Guide Here)
For information about a similar tool, check out the Skype Guide
Something to think about: How might you use Google Hangout in your teaching and personal life?

Next, let's play with Todaysmeet.com
Go to http://todaysmeet.com/LearningCall
Enter your name and click Join.

Type something and click 'Say'.

Chat and answer Jeff's Super Challenge questions as quickly as possible

Something to think about: How might you use this kind of tool for educational purposes?

Social Networking:  Google+ is one of the newest 'social netwoking' sites out there.  You can find infomration about many others in the 
Social Networking Guide.
For now, the most popular social networking site on the planet is Facebook. I've created a
PUFS TTP Fall 2011 Group here.
 In the past,  this has been used as a way for TTP participants to share photos and resources during the program and stay in touch afterward.  It's also useful for connected with people you might while in the U.S. To join, you'll need to create a Facebook account (if you don't already have one), click on the above link. People who are already in the group can add 'friends' to it.
If you'd like to become 'friends' with Jeff, you can do so here by clicking 'Add Friend'.

For information about Twitter, LinkedIn, and other ELT Groups, check out the Social Networking Guide.  (optional)

Spend the rest of class doing one or more of the following:

Review assorted skills
- Make a  Hot Potatoes Activitiy
- Record audio with Audacity and post it on your blog
- Post photos and videos on your blog
- Create a Google Presentation or Prezi
- Check your Google Reader and comment on blogs
- Sample the website buffet and use Diigo to bookmark sites of interest


Experiment with some new ones
- Create a PBWorks account and upload an html or mp3 file there.  This will allow you to have your own space for uploading those kinds of files.
- Experiment with social networking.  Create a Twitter account and find people to follow. Explore some of the Language Learning communities out there.
- Experiment with chat tools like TodaysMeet, Voki, or Natural Reader


Write a blog post about...
...the 5 most useful CALL resources you've seen (in this class or elsewhere) with short descriptions of why you like them.
...how you might use CALL tools in your teaching

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Started with Google+

To get started with Google+, click on the +YourName in the upper left of your Gmail Window (or go to plus.google.com)

The first time you use Google+, you'll need to enter information about gender and age. Click Join. 

You'll see several screens that ask you about profile information and adding people to circles.  You can enter information or ignore and click 'continue' each time. 

If you see Jeffrey Lebow at some point, click 'Add to circles'. 

 Then 'create new circle' and enter 'TTP'.

If you see 'Jeffrey Lebow is hanging out", click 'Join this Hangout'.
Hang out.  Smile when Jeff takes the Class Hangout Screenshot Picture.

Additional Google+ Links

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 The CALL Buffet - Week#5
Choose the buffet items of most interest and dig in! You will probably NOT have enough time to do all of the tasks mentioned.
Take a look at the Presentation Guide.
Task: Look at some of the specific examples there. Try to embed one on your blog. (see presentation guide for details on how to do this.  Example here)
Optional Tasks: Try to create and embed a Google presentation (guide here) on your blog.  Try to create your first prezi.
Look at the Audio Guide
- Explore
the sites listed there and Bookmark at least 2 audio sites using Diigo
- Use Audacity to record an mp3 file.
- Upload it to: JeffLebow.net/ttp-files 
     ID: pufsttp  Password: 4CALL-fun
     Edit/Choose File / Upload / SAVE
- Post that audio file on your blog with a short description (guide here) (example here)
Look at the Video Guide
- Explore the sites listed there and Bookmark at least 2 video sites using Diigo
- Go to YouTube.com, find any video of interest and post it on your blog (instructions here)
- Use a video download site to save a video file from a YouTube Video
- Use your webcam to create and post your own video on YouTube.  Become a YouTube Star!

At the end of class, use Google Reader to see what your classmates have posted and make a couple of comments.