Monday, September 24, 2012

Week#4 - Fall 2012 (5+1)

  • What types of video and audio materials do you use in your teaching and/or learning?
  • What sources do you use other than textbook and curriculum CD's?
  • What kinds of  audio/video materials would you like to find for classroom use?
  • What skills (if any) would you like to develop in order to make better use of audio and video in your teaching and learning?

In-class overview of the Video Guide
  • Sites that use video for language learning
  • Downloading YouTube Videos
  • Editing Videos with Windows Movie Maker
  • Watching TV Shows and Movies online
  • Screen capturing & sharing
On your own...
Look at the Video Guide
- Explore the sites listed there.  Remember to use Diigo to bookmark those or other video sites of interest.

  Things to try...
  - Go to, find any video of interest and post it on your blog (instructions here)
  - Use a video download tool (like Maxthon or to save a video file from a YouTube Video
- Use Windows Movie Maker to edit that video.
- Use your webcam to create and post your own video on YouTube.  Become a YouTube Star!  Guide here
- Go to the Fall 2012 TTP English Central Class Page, choose a video to watch and then 'speak the video'.

If time and determination permit, we will experiment with Google+ Hangout.   In order to join the hangout, log in to Gmail, go to make sure Jeffery Lebow is in your circle, and look for a 'join this hangout' notification.  Click it and smile :) Class 1 Hangout here
More info about Hangouts in the Google+ Hangout Guide

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week#3 - Fall 2012 (5+1)

Short Review
Diigo Bookmarking & Blogging questions.

Google Docs & Presentations
 Optional Tasks:

Google Reader

Subscribe to all TTP Blogs using Google Reader - Google Reader Guide  & Step by Step Instructions here
  • Go to this Google Drive shared file and click 'Download'
  • Log in to Gmail, click on Reader, Click on the and select Reader Settings, then Import/Export
  • Choose file (find the file you saved above), click upload. 
  • Then Click 'Back to Google Reader' and look at all of the blogs you're now subscribed to.
  • Visit some of your classmates' blogs and leave comments.  
  • Also check out some of the blogs in the 'EFL & Teachers Blogs'  & 'Bloggers in Korea' categories. Find other sites or blogs you like and add  them to your Google Reader 

English Central

Any extra time can be sent looking through blogs in your Google Reader or sampling more sites from the CALL Websites Buffet and using Diigo to bookmark sites of interest.  For those with a Facebook account, you can also join the TTP Fall 2012 Facebook Group

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3+3 - Week#8 Summer/Fall 2012

Assorted items from the buffet....

Wallwisher - very easy group posting tool

     오정훈's examples - example1  example2  (nice Google Doc usage here)
Similar tools listed here 
Demo below.
Double click to add a note.   Site Building Tool
Welcome to Weebly videoWeebly Guide
Examples:   Mrs. Klien  ESLDrama

Building a Wiki site with
PBWorks or Wikispaces
Guides:  PBWorks    Wikispaces
Examples:  Wikis in EFL TESOL's EVO  Welcome to the 21st Century

Wordle   -  Graphic Word Cloud Generator 

Wordle Guide for Educators
  Learning Call Wordle    Gangnan Style

한글 friendly option:
Example here

MindMapping Tools
(creating mindmap graphics)
 Graphic Organizers Guide

Photo Editing 
Using a program like Irfanview
Irfanview Guide Here

Copyright-friendly materials (graphics, audio, & video) can be found in the
Copyright Guide

I hope you have a great experience in California. Please do your best to document your learning and share the experience.

Use Diigo and your blog to bookmark and share useful sites and resources.

Photos can be shared in the Facebook Group or by using Google Photos.
Google Photos Guide here

Mapping Guide
TTP  SoCal Guide and Collaborative SoCal Map
Feel free to add links to the SoCal Guide and placemarks to the collaborative map

Review Tasks
Can you remember how to....

  • Make text in your browser window larger or smaller?
  • Look through your classmates blog posts in Google Reader? 
  • Bookmark a site and share it with the Learning Call Diigo Group? 
  • Create a Google Presentation and post it on your blog?
  • Download a presentation from Slideshare or embed one on your blog?
  • Create a VoiceThread and post it on your blog?
  • Create a Prezi and post it on your blog?
  • Create your own Jeopardy Game?
  • Create a quiz with ProProfs?
  • Challenge Jeff to a game of Words with Friends?
  • Post to the 3+3 Facebook Group?
  • Create a survey with Google Doc Form and post it on your blog?
  • Record and edit a piece of audio as an mp3 file and post it on your blog?
  • Download a video file from YouTube? Edit video with Windows Movie Maker and post it on your blog and/or YouTube?
  • 'Hangout' with a classmate? Stream it live and record it on YouTube?
  • Add a placemark to a Google Map?
  • Embed a Google Map on your blog?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week#2 - Fall 2012 (5+1)

 Reminder:  Your Gmail address is  (not or

Today we're going to  create a blog and get set up with a Diigo account for social bookmarking.

Blogger is Google blog creation tool. To see some examples of what you can do with a 'Blogger' blog check out the ones  below.
SmartLearning (by former TTP Trainee 오정훈)
Collablogatorium (by Carla Arena - CALL practitioner extraordinaire)
ESLTeacher in Korea (University instructor in Busan)
Korean Class Massive (Non-Korean blogging about K-culture) (this site)

Diigo allows you to bookmark sites from any computer, share those links with others, and tune in to other peoples' links.

Things we'll do together

When you've created a blog and a Diigo account, please go to th 5+1 Portfolio Page and paste the URL's of your blog and Diigo account.

For the remainder of class, experiment with these tools
  • Do some social bookmarking. Use Diigo to bookmark at least three sites,  Start with sites you already use for some CALL purpose (Korean sites are fine).
    Then sample 'buffet items' from the CALL Websites page and use Diigo to bookmark sites of interest.  (Remember, go to the site and click the 'Blue D)
  • Create a post on your Blog about your first two weeks of TTP, your thoughts about Salman Khan's Ted Talk, or any other topic of interest.  You can also experiment with posting photos or videos and adding gadgets.
  • Look at other areas of the LearningCall website that are of particular interest to you or get a headstart on next week's tasks. 

Coming up next week... 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3+3 - Week#7 Summer/Fall 2012

Young Learners
Check out the Young Learners Links on the Website Buffet
(putting CALL into action)
Xena's 'Happy English Class' Site
Please use Diigo to bookmark any other young learner sites you know of that are not listed there and tag them 'elementary'

Mapping Guide
TTP  SoCal Guide and Collaborative SoCal Map
Try adding links to the SoCal Guide and placemarks to the collaborative map

  • Go to the  Audio Guide
  • Take a look at some of the audio sites listed there. 
  • Practice using Audacity to record and edit audio. 
  • When you're ready, record a five minute conversation with your partner about
    a) CALL tools you might use in your teaching.
    b) Plans, hopes, and concerns about your +3 time in the U.S.
  • Upload the mp3 file to you Google Drive and share it with your partner and with
  • If you have time and interest, attempt to post the audio recording on your blog.
    You'll need to use an external site like Dropbox, PBWorks, or Google Sites to upload the file.
    Then you'll need the  code below if you want to include a flash player for the file like this

    <embed flashvars="audioUrl=MP3_FILE_URL" height="27" quality="best" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400"></embed>

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week#1 - Fall 2012 (5+1)

The goal of the first two weeks is to get set up with some of the accounts and tools we'll be using (and to grab your first plate of goodies from the buffet).

  • Go to and Create a gmail account if you don't already have one.
  •  Complete the CALL Entrance Survey
  • We will go over the Tips & Tricks page in class. If you have any questions, take another look and/or ask Jeff for clarification. 
  • Sample the Buffet!  Go to the Websites page and explore some of the CALL related websites or look through some of the skills guides listed in the left side column.
  •  (Optional) Watch Salman Khan's Ted Talk about The Flipped Classroom. This course is conducted as a type of 'Flipped Classroom' and this will provide you with some background information about this approach.

    -----------Week #2 Tasks-------------
    (feel free to get a headstart if you like)
  • Create a Blog by going to or clicking 'More/Blogger' from your Gmail menu.  Blogger Guide here.  Create your first blog post about Week#1 of TTP, thoughts on the Flipped Classroom,or anything else you like.
  • If you'd like to updated your Google+ Profile, go to and click 'Profile/About/Edit Profile'.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are visual representations of knowledge, concepts or ideas. Potential Benefits include:
  • relieving learner boredom
  • providing motivation
  • clarifying information
  • assisting in organizing thoughts
  • promoting understanding
  • enhancing recall
More at:   Graphic Organizers Overview

Graphic Organizer Resources
A Graphic Organizer about Graphic Organizers
DescribingComparing ContrastingClassifyingSequencingCausalDecision Making

Brainstorming Web

Money Web
Double Cell DiagramHierarchy Diagram

Research Cycle Cluster Diagram

Desktop Folder System
Squirrels Web

Concept Mapping
Concept MapSimile - School is..


Venn Expanded

Comparison Matrix
KWHLThinking grids

Flow Chart
Desktop Folder SystemLinear String

Expanded Linear String

Dominoe Effect

3 Way Venn Diagram

Character Traits

Compare and Contrast

Vocabulary Map 1
Vocabulary Map 2

Vocabulary Organizer

Classification Organizer