Monday, May 29, 2017


A few new appetizers on the buffet...

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World Lists
Anti-Adware Programs and Methods
One more text-to-speech tool (thanks to my four year old nephew)
Windows Narrator: About Guide Video Guides Windows 7 Windows 10
The Main Course For the next couple weeks, we will continue working together to produce CALL-related materials for use in your teaching.
Possible Creations

  • YouTube Playlists  (e.g. Class Starter Videos, Culture,  Language Learning, etc. ) TTP  MegaPlaylist      Elementary MegaPlaylist    Secondary Megaplaylist   ELT Songs Playlist If you have created your own, please post a link in the Materials Development Plan (Elementary   Secondary)
  • Create Quizizz, Quizlets, Memrise sets, Padlets/Word Clouds Powtoons, Kahoots, Vokis, Storyboards, Mindmaps, and/or graphic organizers for specific parts of your textbook, open classes, and/or supplemental teaching.
  • Use Google Forms to create a Week#1 Questionnaire or other survey.
  • Create Screencasts (CALL tutorials or student tasks)
More Detailed Linked List of CALL Tasks

    Monday, May 22, 2017

    Week#13: Taking another look around the buffet

    Material Development Plans:  Elementary   Secondary

    We will soon start applying CALL tools and resources to your teaching situations by developing relevant materials. . Before tackling those challenges, let's take another look at what we've 'tasted' on the buffet so far. Take the next couple hours to revisit topics and attempt tasks that interest you, keeping in mind how you might apply these to your teaching.

    Things to Do

    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    Week#12 - Some final Buffet Items

     App  Android  Apple


    • TTP Vocab 1: 3884624
    • Red Team Vocab 1:  3883987
    • Red Team Vocab 2:  3884604
    • Adjective Forms  3883979
    • Verb Forms  3883986
    • Empty Set: 3885542

    Quizizz  (advantages vs. Kahoot)
    Resources & Tutorials

    To Play, go to  and get the access code

    Admin Links

    Padlet  - Using Padlet Screemcast

    Our Demo Padlet - What are you most looking forward to during your time in Australia?  (food, shopping, learning, cultural experiences)  (previous Padlet Wall here)

    Made with Padlet

    오정훈's examples - example1  example2 
    Similar tools listed here  Demo below. Double click to add a note. 

    Graphic Organizers,  Mindmaps, 

    Take a look at the guides for Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps.

    Try to create a simple mindmap or graphic organizer and post it on your blog.


    To Do 

    • Create Charades sets and post the codes on your blog.
    • Create Quizizz - post links on your blog and/or share live codes with classmates
    • Experiment with Graphic Organizer and Mindmap tools. 

    Monday, May 8, 2017

    Week#11 - Finding and Creating Online Activities

    Begin Exploring Activities, Games, & Quizzes
    • Upload any useful ppt files you find to the 'PPT Files' folder in the 'TTP2017 Shared Trainee Materials' folder.  Go to your Google Drive, click 'Shared with me' to see that. Then right click and 'Add to my Drive'. 

    Monday, May 1, 2017

    Reading Resources & Digital Storytelling

    There are an ever-growing number of online tools and resources related to reading material and digital storytelling.  This week, your task is to check out and experiment with some of these.  Remember to Diigo anything you find potentially useful.

    For comprehensive lists of resources, check out the
      Reading Resources
      Digital Storytelling Guide 

    ----Abridged Lists---

    Sources of Books/Reading Materials

    High-Interest sources of reading material for students


    Storybuilding Tools
    Photo/Video Story Makers

    TO DO Tasks