Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Another useful vocabulary site/app
Memrise.com   Memrise app:  Android    Apple

Full-featured sets
TO DO:  
Log in to Memrise.com (using your Google account)
Please join the TTP2017 Memrise Group
Then click on each set below and learn at least a few words.  Then feel free to explore the full-featured set above or browse for others.
TTP Memrise Sets:

Monday, April 24, 2017

Session#2, Week#1: UQ Prep, Mapping, & More

Pre-CALL Administrivia
This week, we need to start preparing for the overseas portion of TTP.
Please add the passport romanization of your Korean name to this shared document

UQ Application Forms
Please save the form below and open it with Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.  After completed it, re-save it adding your romanized name to the end of the filename
(e.g. EMPTEnrolmentForm-Kim-Yuna.pdf)   sample here 
Email the completed form  and your passport scan to jefflebow@gmail.com by April  28.
Decide your homestay pairing.

Topic#1 this week: MappingComing Soon:
The TTP in Brisbane Guide including the TTP Down Under Map.

To Do: 

Check out Mapping Tools Guide for information on how to use maps.

 Add at least two personal places of interest to your Collaborative Class Map.
                    Blue Map      Red Map    Green Map

 Create your own Google Map or choose one from the Map Gallery and embed it on your blog.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week#7 - Social Networking

Social Networking

Take a look at the Social Networking Guide and watch the Social Networking Screencast.

Explore some of the ELT groups and communities on Google+, Facebook, Diigo, LinkedIn, and elsewhere .

Join ones of interest, bookmark them with Diigo, and/or create a blog post about any interesting discoveries.

If you're feeling ambitious, join twitter, find some people to follow and send out your first tweet.

New Discovery (thanks to Jinju): Zoomit  (download)

Feed Me! with Feedly.com
   Download the TTP2017 Opml
    (slightly out-of-date screencast here)

Task:  Post an 'End of Session#1' Goodies on your blog.  Share or reflect on any recently discovered resources (photos, videos, social networking groups, etc.)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week#6 - Google Forms, Word Clouds, Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Google Forms

Word Clouds
More Text-to-Speech Options ( Screen Readers )
These can be useful for quickly checking the meaning and pronunciation of words online. 

Up Next:

Feed Me! with Feedly.com
   Download the TTP2017 Opml
    (slightly out-of-date screencast here)