Monday, April 30, 2012

Optional CALL - Week#3

Image Editing
There are a number of image viewing/editing programs.  The free one I use is:
Irfanview (already installed on TTP laptops, but can be downloaded here)

Peer-to-Peer Downloading (Torrents)

 Torrent Search Sites
  Torrent Download Programs

Introducing Google Drive

Did you see Carla's comment on last week's post?
Perhaps she was using Google alerts...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Optional CALL - Week#1

A few additional buffet items....

Register for an account at
If you don't have Skype on your computer, download it here:
Start the program and login.
Skype Guide

Google+ Hangouts
Guide to creating and joining a Google+ Hangout

Video Email
Register here:
Click 'Compose New Message'

Mobile Tools
This Weekend:   Social Learning Summit

(Click on any session to see detail. Links to the live virtual rooms will be available when the conference starts.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week #6

Today you can get seconds of earlier buffet items....

Your Blog: Post videos, images, change the template, add gadgets, user Reader to view and comment on other blogs  (blogger guide, reader guide)
Bookmarking:  Browse the Website Buffet, use Diigo (Diigo guide) to bookmark sites you like
Presentations:  Post a Google Presentation or Prezi on your blog.  Browse Slideshare for useful presentations (presentation guide)
Activities:  Sample from the huge Activities buffet, bookmark sites you like wit Diigo.  Create your own Hot Potatoes or Proprofs activity.
Assorted: Experiment with mapping, chat tools, and/or audio.

....or sample a couple other items on the buffet...

Social Networking
Check out the Social Networking Guide

Skype/Google+ Hangout
Add your Skype ID and Google+ Profile ID to the TTP Spring 2012 Portfolio Doc
Skype Guide   Gooogle+ Hangout Guide

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Feel Free to spend this week reviewing earlier Skills 

Amazing new resource that cleans your monitor for you!

Photo Possibilities
The easiest way to post photos on your blog is shown here in the Blogger Guide. Example here
If you’d like to experiment with Google’s Photo service Picasa, here’s how.
Picasa allows you to create and embed slideshows like this on your blog.
Optional Tasks: post at least 5 photos with short descriptions on your blog (either five in one single post or fives posts with one photo each).

Activities & Games
  • Look at the Activities Guide.  Check out the different sites and bookmark ones you like with Diigo.
    Optional Tasks: Create a Hot Potatoes Activity, upload it to Dropbox, and post it on your blog.  Use Google Forms (guide here) or Quizmaker  and try to  create a basic quiz or survey with at least two questions.  Post a link to that quiz (or embed it) in a blog entry. 

Chat Tools