Friday, April 22, 2011

How do I forward all of my gmail to another address?

To forward all of your gmail to another email address (like hanmail or naver), click the gear setting and 'Mail settings.
Then click 'Forwarding and Pop/IMAP'. Enter the email address you want email forwarded to and click 'Send email verification instructions.

You will receive an email at the forwarding address.  Click on the link in that email.  Then go back to your gmail settings. Check 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to' select the forwarding address and 'Add a forwarding address'.

Google Photos (Picasa)

Google's photo hosting service is/was called Picasa. Picasa is both a program you can download and the name for their online storage space. You can also access your photos in Google+ or from any Google interface by clicking 'More/Photos'.  In order to post a slideshow of your photos on a blog, you'll need to access your photos via (see below for directions).

You can control who sees your photos by selected the people or circles that you share it with

To upload photos From Google+ click Profile/Albums/Upload New Photos

If you click 'More/Photos', you'll see Upload New Photos in the top right corner.

You can see Jeff's Photo Albums here.

To upload photos to your web albums, click 'upload'. You DON'T need to click 'Launch Picasa'.

To upload photos, click 'Select photos from your computer'.

Enter a name for the album where it says 'Title'.
Select 'Public on the web' and click continue.

Locate and hightlight all of the photos you want ot upload. Then click 'OK'.

Once the photos are uploaded, you can make changes by clicking 'Orgazne & Reorder'

For now, if you want to embed a slideshow of photos, you need to go to:
To embed the slideshow of photos on a blog, click 'embed slideshow'

Select the slideshow size, copy the code and paste it into yoru blog post
*remeber to select 'edit html', not compose

Picasa does not currently allow you to post a slideshow with music.  Some options for doing so are listed below, along with an example. 

Photo Slideshow Tools
AnimotoGet Started   Help

To upload photos from your smart phone, click the photo (or select multiple photos), then Share/Picasa.  As long as you are logged in to your google account, it will be added to your Picasa 'Dropbox'. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week#6 & 7

This week you have the option of  using tools and practicing skills we've already covered or trying a few new things.

If you'd like to review, here are some tasks to try

If you'd like to experiment with some new skills and resources, you can attempt these tasks below.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chat Tools

Chat Tools

Chat can be a useful in a variety of ways for langauge learners. It can allow them practice their writing skills and overcome the affective filters that can be part of using their L2 to interact with others. There no formal assignment for this Training page, but feel free to blog about any of the tools you try.

Chatbots are automated chat tools that can be pre-programmed say certain things or  interact with users.
Text to speech chatbots allow you to create a speaking character (or  avatar)

Press the play button to right to listen to a Voki Text to Speech Chatbot.  >>>>>

Interactive Chatbots can be programmed to respond to users.
This may be easier to understand by trying it rather than explaining it.
You can chat with Albert Einstein here

These are some of the places that EFL learners can go to engage in real time text chat.
There are also many sites that allow you to create your own free chat room
There are also a number or sites that facilate Voice Chat Discussions

Social Networking Guide

Social Networking 
From Wikipedia: A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact, such as message boards, e-mail, instant messaging, and live audio/video interaction.

Screencast Guide Here

One of the advantages of social networking for educators is that it allows us to connect with other educators and learners with common interests that we might never have the opportunity to meet in 'face to face' life.
Personal Learning Networks
Social Network Platforms are websites (usually commercial websites) that allow users to form their own groups on that platform. Popular examples of these are, & Linked in. You can see a more extensive list of social network platforms here. Often sub-groups for within these platforms based on mutual interest. They can exist on multiple platform and/or have their own independent site as well.


 Instagram Accounts  (EnglishwithJeff is following)
Sites that provide language learners a place to meet, chat, and/or become online pen pals

You can find Jeff online at: 
 Twitter -  YouTube Diigo -   FB -  LinkedIn  -    Instagram

Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Most sites gathered from: 

Groups that host live events:
Combined Calendar (click agenda for easier viewing)

Microblogging refers to using services like Twitter
Here are Barbara Sakamoto's thoughts on

The key to making twitter interesting is finding interesting people to follow.  
You can find some people at:

To 'follow' someone, go to their twitter page anc click follow.  If you like, you can add them to an exisitng list or create a new one.

Other Guides
Examples of other social network platforms
  • WizIQ - a live, interactive classroom interface.  People come and teach a variety of lessons, many of which people can participate in for free.
    Upcoming Classes ,  Recorded Sessions Examples: Basic English Phonics Lesson 2 The short 'a' Sound , IELTS Preparation - Vocabulary for IELTS , Basic English Third Class
     (first few minutes or recordings are usually not interesting, you can scroll along the bottom to move to a more interesting parts of the lesson)
  • Shelfari - Shelfari is a popular social networking service for book lovers.
  • Linkedin - LinkedIn is a professional social networking website for business users, one of the most popular such sites out there. Some aspects of it are free, but many are paid.
  • - An exciting social networking site enabling members to create their family tree. Although it’s a relatively new site, it has grown tremendously fast, and has hundreds of thousands of users.
  • 43 Things - A tagging based social networking site. Users create accounts and list a number of goals or hopes and these are parsed based on similarity to goals of other users.
  • - Facebook is a social networking phenomenon connection people with their friends, family and other users with similar interests.
  • - A leading student market place for buying and selling textbooks at discounted prices.
  • - MySpace is an interactive social networking website consisting of personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. It’s currently the biggest social networking site out there.
  • - RateMyProfessor connects students aspiring to study similar courses by assisting each other.
  • WAYN - A social networking website uniting world wide travelers.

Other EFL related site based social networks
  • iTalki: A language exchange with a Yahoo! Answers-style QnA site, and a wiki-based public knowledge base for 10 different languages.
  • Huitalk: Forums, articles, vocabulary lists, and a language exchange using Skype.
  • Interpals: A large language exchange from a popular penpal social network.
  • Mixxer: A free language exchange using Skype built by Dickinson College.
  • TT4You: A free global language exchange site.
  • Conversation Exchange: Text and voice chat, email, or face-to-face meetings can bet set up via Language Buddy to improve your conversational skills.
  • Lingozone: Build vocab skills by playing game of Word Ladder and Hangman, while making friends with whom to practice speaking.
  • Language Exchange Network: Think Craigslist for language learning; this site has super-simple language exchange classified listings.
  • MyLanguageExchange: One of the oldest online language exchanges (this site was a Yahoo! Internet Life pick in 2001), it claims over 1 million members speaking 115 different languages. 


    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Video Guide (2011~2013)

     Some of these resources are now out of date.
    Visit the Updated Video Guide for more current resources.

    Video  Sites for Language Learning

    Sites that can be used to download video from YouTube

    Screencapturing & Screensharing
    Interactive Audio/Video

    Video Email
    Register here:
    Click 'Compose New Message'

    TV & Movie Viewing & Downloading
    Online Video Sites & Tools
    • Dotsub - Facilitates user generated subtitles of video. Users can link to videos already online or  upload their own (see example below)
    • - subtitled videos with lesson materials
    •  - online collaborative video editing
    • JayCut - facilitates online video editing
    • Teacher Tube - educational version of Youtube 
    • VideoSurf - Video search tool

    DotSub lets you choose our subtitle language
    The video below is an example of's option for creating subtitles in many languages 

    The most common way to edit videos on Windows using Windows Movie Maker. Another free options is Videopad (XP Friendly) Here are some WMM guides 
       Common WMM Functions
    Click the Home tab, to import videos, photos, or music.  Add text by clicking Title, Caption, or Credit. 
    Click the Edit Tab, move the cursor, and click the 'split' icon to splice your video to insert a transition or remove a portion of the video.
    To save your projects as a video file, click File/Save Movie as.  Recommended for this project will determine filesize and quality for you 
    'Create custom setting' will allow you to determine those settings.
    'Save Project' will save the project so you can edit it later. 
    Looking for Background music?

    YouTube Tips

    YouTube allows you to mark videos to watch later, keeps a history of everything you've watched (when logged in) and enables you to create playlists that can be public or private.  When watching a video, you can like it.  You can see all of your 'liked' videos by clicking 'Video Manager/Likes'. 
    You can also add a video to one of your playlists by clicking 'Add to'.  You can also subscribe to that video producer, and click on the Transcript icon if available. 

    Right Clicking Options
    When you Right Click on a YouTube video you get a variety of useful options.  Closed Captions You can also click 'cc' to get automatic (usually imperfect) subtitles.
    Filter Search Results Use the filter function to find videos that copyright friendly, closed captioned, or created by certain authors

    Publishing a Video on YouTube

    First, sign in at with you Gmail ID.

    *** In some countries (like Korea) it will be necessary to go to the bottom of the YouTube page and select Location: Worldwide in order to upload videos.

    Then Click 'Upload' 

    There are two ways to publish videos on YouTube - upload a video file or record from your webcam. 

    If you choose 'upload video', you can upload any of these file types: .mpg, .mov, .wmv, .flv, .avi, mp4 Files can be up to 2GB in size, but must be less than 10 minutes. in length. After you chosen the file to upload, you'll see a window like the one below. Enter information about Title, Description, tags, and category.  You can also select your privacy settings. Then click 'save changes' and you're done.

    If you choose to record from a webcam, you'll see a window like this. Click 'allow'.

    When you see this window choose your video device and audio device.  You should see your video in the video window and audio volume meter movement on the side.  When you're ready, click 'ready to record'. 

    When you're done, click the red square at the bottom.   

    After that, you can preview (watch what you just recorded), re-record (if you're not satisfied and you want to do it again), or publish.

    Once you've published, you can click My Videos (upper right part of your screen)  to see what you've published so far. 

    Then click edit to make any changes to the title and description of  your videos.   Congratulations ~ You are now a YouTube Star!