This site is home to the Computer Assisted Language Learning Course that is part of the Teacher Traning Progra at Pusan University of Foreign Studies.

Course Title: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Instructor: Jeff Lebow
Course Website: LearningCall.net (or learningcall.blogspot.com)

I. Description:
This course is designed to help trainees develop their computer based literacies, explore a variety of language learning resources, and experiment with how to effectively use these skills and resources in their teaching environments. Specifically, trainees will
  • Overcome any anxieties and concerns that might prevent them from including CALL tools in their teaching.
  • Demonstrate competence in basic computer skills including desktop management, online content creation, use of synchronous interaction, and accessing multimedia files.
  • Familiarize themselves with advanced computer literacies such as producing audio and video materials, collaborative mapping, creating interactive web based quizzes, and accessing materials via RSS,
  • Produce and demonstrate instructional materials designed for their target learners.
  • Use computer technologies to engage in meaningful professional development and develop a personal learning network
  • Develop strategies for coping with technological, economic, and/or bureaucratic obstacles they may encounter in practicing CALL
II. Texts/Materials:
Materials will be made available on the class website. Occasionally handouts will also be provided in class. Students are required to have a USB storage device (flash drive).

III. Instruction Methods:
The course employs a variety of instructional methods including audiovisual presentations, demonstration screencasts, class exercises, and small group discussions. Most class sessions will begin with a short demonstration of how to use a tool or resource, followed by hands-on experimentation by trainees and a discussion about how these can be used in the trainees' teaching environments.

Course Calendar
Course Overview, Register for accounts, Site Orientation
Tips & Tricks, Google Tools (Exploring Online Resources
Week 3
Social Bookmarking (delicious & Diigo), using an RSS Reader
Week 4
Activity Creation (Hot Potatoes Quizlet)
Week 5
Site Building Options (wiki's, weebly, blogs)
Media - audio, video, images (Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Stroome, Irfanview)
Week 7
Social Networking, Synchronous Tools & Online Professional Development

Participation: 50% Trainee Portfolio: 50%
Trainees will be assessed on the effort and positive learning attitude they show in class and on the materials they develop for inclusion in their online portfolio

Additional Information
  • You are welcome to bring your own laptop and/or headset to class.

  • Whenever you have a question about the course or a technical issues, please DO NOT email it to me - post it as a question on the course website Questions page.

  • I encourage you to make your work public, but if you will always have the option of making your work private if you prefer. You may want to use an pseudonym or alias instead of your real name when you create your google ID for this course.

  • The 15 minute rule- If you've attempted a task for more than 15 minutes and aren't succeeding, STOP! Post a question on the website or seek help from Jeff or a classmate.

  • The 'As much as you can, NOT MORE' Rule - I expect you to focus on tasks during class and give it your best shot. If you can spend time outside of class working on tasks, great. If you cannot, that is OK. PLEASE do not abandon your family, go hungry, experience sleep deprivation, or risk your mental health because of CALL tasks.