Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Session#2 Tasks

Looking back at all of the CALL tools and resources we’ve covered so far, which ones can you foresee yourself using in your (current and future) teaching, professional development, and personal computer usage?
  • Activities, Quizlet, , Padlet, Wordle, Pronunciation resources
  • Blogging (creating a course blog and/or student blogs, blogger tweaks)
  • Google+ Hangouts, Reading Resources
  • Presentations (finding online, creating with Prezi, Google Presentations, and Powerpoint)
  • Video & Audio (downloading videos, subscribing to channels, editing with WMM, editing audio, Voki)
  • Image Editing (cropping, albums, photo fun, comics, presentations)
  • RSS Reader (following blogs) & Social Networking (building your PLN)
  • Mapping (placemarks, mindmapping, graphic organizers)
Which particular skills related to these or other CALL Tools/Resources you’d like to focus on during this session?

1. By the end of this week, please publish a blog post detailing specific CALL skills you’d like to develop this session. 2. (by the end of this session)
Imagine it is now March of 2014….
Congratulations! You have been selected as teacher trainer by the Busan Office of Education!
(Of course, you will be compensated quite well.)
They are aware that you have completed the highly regarded BUFS TTP and would like to see a demonstration of how you might use CALL Tools and Resources in your present and future classes, as well as for ongoing professional development. They have asked you to create at least three blog posts that describe different potential applications of CALL. These do not need to be complete projects, they just need to be complete enough to show how you plan to use a particular tool or resource. Possibilities include:

CALL Session#2 Wishlist
Telephony Options
Utilities & Networking
Saving Webpages/files
Mobile (prezi, voicethread, padlet)gugu
transferring files from mobile device
Hangouts On Air

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mapping, Mind Maps, & Graphic Organizers

A few more buffet items: Maps, Mind Maps, and Graphic Organziers
Things To Do/Try:
  • Add a placemark (where you live, favorite restaurant, location of first kiss, etc.) to our 5+1 Experimental Fun Map
  • Check out the TTP in Sacramanto Map (and Xena's map) add placemarks if you find them.
  • Experiment with a mind mapping tool like Gliffy or Bubbl.us
  • Look for Graphic Organizers you can use in your lessons
  • Look at the guides you're most interested in.  Use Diigo to bookmark anything of interest. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week#7, Part 2 - Looking Back on Session#1

The Session#1 Buffet

  • Week#1 (Orientation & Confusion)
  • Week#2 (Activities, Quizlet, Pronunciation, Blogger Tweaks)
  • Week#3 (Hangouts, Reading Resources)
  • Week#4  (Video & Audio)
  • Week#5 (Image Editing, photo fun, comics, presentations)
  • Week#6  (YouTube channels, Padlet, Wordle)
  • Week#7 (RSS Reader & Social Networking)

Nothing new today.  Revisit the buffet and take another bite of whatever tasted most interesting. As you explore, think about how you might use these tools of preference in your teaching.
  • Post photos or videos on your blog
  • Customize your blog - change the theme or add gadgets like favorite links, recent comments, or a poll
  • Have a 'Hangout on Air' conversation with a classmate and post the recording on your blog
  • Create a Quizlet Flashcard set and post it on your blog
  • Create a Proprofs or Quizstar quiz and post it on your blog
  • Look through this list or this list of ELT blogs or search for blogs - add interesting ones to your Feedly 
  • Download an online video using KeepVid.com or Torch Browser
  • Edit a video with Windows Movie Maker
  • Record an audio file with Audacity, save it as an mp3 file
  • Create a Prezi or Google Presentation and post it on your blog
  • Create a survey using Google Forms and post a link to it on your blog
  • Create a Voki and post it on your blog
  • Use some of the site-buidling tools to create your own comic strip or funny photos
  • Create a Padlet or Wordle and post it on your blog
  • Explore some ELT social networking communities and write about your experiences on your blog

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week#7 - Building Your PLN (Personal Learning Network)

(first, a little privacy protection - Google's Shared Endorsement Setting)

Personal Learning Networks

Using an RSS Reader
Connecting with individuals and communities of practice
 Social Networking Guide

To Do: 

Take a look at some of the Social Networking Groups and sites below that might be of interest.  Bookmark and/or join if you like.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week#6 - Assorted Site Building Tools

An optional favor: Subscribe to Neil George's YouTube  (for the KOTESOL Media Stream)
Other YouTube Channels of potential interest
Please use Diigo to bookmark other channels of interest and share tjem with the  Learning CALL group.

Site Building Tools from the Site Building Guide

Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) - very easy group posting tool 오정훈's examples - example1  example2  (nice Google Doc usage here) Similar tools listed here  Demo below. Double click to add a note. 
TTP Demo (full page)

Wordle   -  Graphic Word Cloud Generator  Wordle Guide for Educators
Examples:    Learning Call Wordle    Gangnan Style 
한글 friendly option:  Tagxedo.com  Example here