Friday, March 29, 2019

Week#4 Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Audio Guide

Audacity & Audio Recording/Editing
AudacityAudacity - a free, cross-platform, open source tool for recording and editing audio.
You can download Audacity here. -  In order to export mp3 files with it, you will also need to download and install the Lame Encoder. -The screencast below shows how to use Audacity.    

Audacity Introduction Screencast 

Graphic Organizers   and   Mind Mapping

Guide to Graphic Organizers and Mind Mapping Tools

Mapping Tools

Google My Maps Tutorial

         TTP2019 in Canada, eh? Map

...and the TTP2019 in Canada Guide

Friday, March 22, 2019

Week #3 Buffet

  • Word Clouds
   () ing
  • Presentations  (Presentation Guide)
    - Google
    - Prezi
    - Powtoon
    - Slideshare & Authorstream

'Follow Your Tech Passion' To Do List 
  • Choose a Simple, Awesome, or other basic theme for your blog.
  • Adjust widths to something like 1020 / 260
  • Build a collection of your favorite Kahoots or Quizizz sets and/or create your own and post them on your blog.
  • Create a Padlet or, and post it on your blog    Site Building Guide
  •  Work on a Google Presentation, Nearpod, Prezi, or Powtoon and post it on your blog   Presentations Guide
  • Post your Quizlet set on your blog and/or create a Quizlet folder and post on your blog or get acquainted with
  • Add videos to YouTube playlists
    TTP YouTube MegaPlaylist     (join) 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Quiz Tools, Part#1


Quizizz  (advantages vs. Kahoot)
Resources & Tutorials

To Play, go to  and get the access code

Admin Links




 App  Android  Apple


  • TTP Vocab 1: 3884624
  • Red Team Vocab 1:  3883987
  • Red Team Vocab 2:  3884604
  • Adjective Forms  3883979
  • Verb Forms  3883986
  • Empty Set: 3885542