Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Primary Task: Subscribe to all TTP Blogs using Google ReaderGoogle Reader Guide  & Step by Step Instructions here

  • Right Click 'Save Link As' this file:
  • Log in to Gmail, click on Reader, Click on the and select Reader Settings, then Import/Export
  • Choose file (find the file you saved above), click upload. 
  • Then Click 'Back to Google Reader' and look at all of the blogs you're now subscribed to.
  • Visit some of your clasmates blogs, and leave comments.  Also check out some of the blogs in the 'EFL & Teachers Blogs'  & 'Bloggers in Korea' categories. 
Secondary Task: Explore Online Presentations
  • Go to the Presentations Guide
  • Look through some of the online presentations, download any that you're interested in. If you like try creating a google presentation.  If you're really ambitious, try creating a prezi.
If you have extra time, do what most interestes you
  • Continue looking through your google reader
  • Sample more sites from the Website Buffet
  • Check out the latest sites bookmarking in the Learning Call Diigo Group
  • Create a Hot Potatoes Activity or mp3 file and post it on your blog. 
Homework: Create another blog post.  It can be about whatever you like - another photo, reflections on Week#5 of TTP or CALL, a hot potatoes activity, and interview with a classmate, etc.

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