Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, click on the  icon, select PUFS Lab 4F or PUFS Lab4F-1 and click connect. If you see this icon: then you are connected.
  • In the class, always use the Chrome browser, not MSIE.
  • If you don't have a bookmark or link to a site, type the URL directly into the address bar. You don't ever need to type http://  and usually you don't need www. You also don't need to delete what's there - just click (automatic highlight) and type.
  • When using Chrome, you can search by typing terms directly in the address bar. Google search shortcuts here. (time define weather sunset convert)
  • Trouble reading the letters?  Ust ctrl+ or ctrl- to make text larger or smaller.

  • Use tabbed browsing Chrome  MSIE Firefox, IE8
  • When in doubt, right click.  This will usually give a set of options for what you want to do.
    For example, when you see a link that you want to open, but don't want to lose the page you're on, right click,  'open link in new tab'.
  • Made a mistake?  Deleted something by accident? ctrl+z (undo) Most programs allow you to 'undo' a number of your previous steps.
  •  To  reduce the time it takes to boot up your computer and the amount of memory used, type msconfig in the Run Window.

     The 'System Configuration' window will pop up.  Choose the Startup tab and uncheck almost everything except anti-virus programs.

  • Learn general functions, not specific places to click.
    (e.g. old blogger vs. new blogger)
If there's something you can do with a program or site, it's in the menu somewhere.  Check the menu!
  • Use your Bookmarks Toolbar to easily find sites you frequently visit ('how to' guide here)
  • Update your programs once in a while.  Find 'about program' in your menu options.  If you don't have the latest version find the udpate option.
  • Improve your typing speed - List of typing sites

File types (extenstions)  and programs that open them 

File Extension Type of File Programs
.ppt ,  .pps , or . odp presentation Powerpoint  OpenOffice Impress, or Google Docs
.doc, docx, .hwp, .odt, or .rtf document Microsoft Word, HWP, Open Office, or Google Docs
.pdf document Foxit  or Adobe Reader
.mp3 audio  VLC, Windows Media Player, and other Media Players
.htm or .html web page Chrome, FirefoxMSIE   , or other browsers
.swf or .flv flash file VLC, Adobe Flash Player
.wmv , .rm , .avi ,
.mp4 , .mpg, or .mov
video (video files)
 VLC, Real Player, Windows Media Player, Gom,  or other media players


  1. I hope this laptop to open all the formats of files without installing anymore add-ons.

  2. I'm Chloe of Class 4. Can I use 'favorites' instead of Bookmarks Toolbar?