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Tip & Tricks & Troubleshooting

Tips & Tricks

Please avoid using MSIE during this course.  Instead, use Chrome as your main browser.  There will be times, when we may use Firefox or Maxthon as well.  You can download Chrome here. 

⇨ Use your Bookmarks Toolbar to easily find sites you frequently visit ('how to' guide here)

⇨  If you don't have a bookmark or link to a site, type the URL directly into the address bar. You don't ever need to type http://  and usually you don't need www. You also don't need to delete what's there - just click (automatic highlight) and type.

⇨ When using Chrome, you can search by typing terms directly in the address bar. Google search shortcuts here. (time define weather sunset convert)

⇨ Use tabbed browsing in Chrome  MSIE Firefox, or MSIE

Trouble reading the screen?  Ust ctrl+ or ctrl- to make text larger or smaller.

Made a mistake?  Deleted something by accident? ctrl+z (undo) Most programs allow you to 'undo' a number of your previous steps.

⇨  Many more Windows Shortcuts here

⇨ When in doubt, right click.  This will usually give a set of options for what you want to do.  For example, when you see a link that you want to open, but don't want to lose the page you're on, right click,  'open link in new tab'.

 ⇨ Always notice where you are
saving things. On these laptops, please save files in c:/temp (not on the desktop)

Know your file types
 (e.g.  .ppt, mp3, mp4, .pdf, .swf).  Enable viewing extensions by going to Control Panel/Appearance and Personalization/Show hidden files and folders, and unchecking ‘Hide extensions for known file types’.
File Extension      Type of FilePrograms
.ppt ,  .pps , or . odppresentationPowerpoint  OpenOffice Impress, or Google Docs
.doc, docx, .hwp, .odt, or .rtfdocumentMicrosoft Word, HWP, Open Office, or Google Docs
.pdfdocumentFoxit  or Adobe Reader
.mp3audio VLCWindows Media Player, and other Media Players
.htm or .htmlweb pageChromeFirefoxMSIE   , or other browsers
.swf or .flvflash fileVLCAdobe Flash Player
.wmv , .rm , .avi , .mp4 , .mpg, or .movvideo(video files)  VLCReal PlayerWindows Media PlayerGom,  or other media players

 Learn general functions, not specific places to click.    (e.g. old blogger vs. new blogger)
⇨  Improve your typing speed - List of typing sites

Troubleshooting Specifics

↯  I can’t connect to the internet
If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, click on the  icon in the bottom right of your screen, select PUFS Lab 3F,PUFS Lab3F-1, or any BUFS network with a strong signal. After clicking ‘connect’,  you see this icon:  if you have successfully connected.

↯  How do I....?  

If there's something you can do with a program or site, it's in the menu somewhere.  Check the top menu and/or find the ‘Settings’ option


↯  How do I change my language settings in Google Whatever?

Click the ‘gear’ and then settings/  The top setting should be ‘langauge’.

↯  How do I get to Google (Documents, Maps, Blogger, etc)?  
Go to Gmail or other Google services and check the top menu.


↯  I need handouts!  How can I get a print out all of instructions on Click the Print Friendly option at the bottom of each page.

General Tips for Safer and Speedier Computing
↯  To  reduce the time it takes to boot up your computer and improve overall computer speed, type msconfig in the Run Window.   The 'System Configuration' window will pop up.  Choose the Startup tab and uncheck almost everything except anti-virus programs. 
Korean explanation at:

↯  Make sure you have an anti-virus and anti-spyware problem installed that you keep updated.
I recommend the free versions of
AVG anti-virus
and    Spybot Search & Destroy

Anti-Adware Programs and Methods

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